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Antikriegsdemo - Speach of Mrs. Nadia Mahmud

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Mrs. Nadia Mahmud is from south of Iraq and she is a member of the political Bureau of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq and President of the Middle east Center of Women Studies in London

Here we are today standing an arm to an arm against American barbarism and its European allies. Masses in Iraq and all over the world are looking forward to our power today.

Not for ousting the dictatorship, America is waging war.

America brought, armed and financed Saddam against our interests, against the interests of masses in Iraq.

Not for democracy, US is waging this war.

America is preparing tribal sheikhs, clergymen and army generals whose hands are gory with Iraqis blood to impose them again on the masses in Iraq.

Not to eradicate terror, America is waging this war.

They themselves financed Islamic terrorism everywhere. They are terrorist number one in the world. The potential war will erupt terror again in the world.

Eliminating terror is our task. The world is awaiting us.

They resort to issue resolutions to wage war. While America is targeting its arms to the heads of masses in Iraq, it is looking at us whether to shoot or not. They are looking at us: are we to quit; are we to be silent, are we to surrender? Or are we to accelerate, intensify and expand our campaign against war and American arrogance? The more intensified our campaign gets, the more power we will have to oblige the American Jacky not target its arms to our heads.

Peace and security in the world are our decision not the American warships.

Let s unite; parties, organizations, trade unions, women organizations, human rights activists and every humanity loving person to stand against the forthcoming barbarism and destruction to the twenty millions in Iraq. Let s refrain their battleships from moving, let s form human chains to hinder warfare supplies. If they have their general staff to wage war on us, let s have our own general staff to stop their war.

Libertarians of the world unite against the American arrogance.

Nadia Mahmood, Postfach 325, 3000 Bern 11

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